Thank you Chantel

I Know, I know, no posts for eons and then three come along in the space of a few weeks. I can hear you all making comments relating to waiting for various forms of public transport. Anyway this ones important as it’s thank you.
As those of you who deal with TMC on regular basis will know our organisation has been lucky enough to employ Miss Chantel Beaven for the last five years (yes it really has been that long). Initially Chantel moved to Yorkshire from London to be with us and has now pretty much settled in Leeds with her partner. Alongside our directors and team members Chantel has been instrumental in helping TMC to develop and implement our current systems and insure alongside Sam, Jack, Rona, Mark & Greg that these systems worked on site thus reducing the level of work our clients need to do in relation to our presence on a festival or event site as well as offer support to me on my travels around Europe as a PM. SO with without further ado I would like to say THANK YOU CHANTEL. Anyone that can put up with me for five years deserves a medal (Just ask Sam).
As soon as she is able Chantel will be taking some time out to travel around south East Asia. We all wish her well and I’d encourage all our friends and clients to do the same. I’m sure we’ll all bump into Chantel in a catering tent near you sooner or later.
You’ll be missed Chantel, thank you and good luck.