1 Year.
183 Events.
266 Production Crew.
35,686 People Hours.
24001 Cups of Coffee.
Events. Done Properly.

The Music Consortium is a Leeds based local crew and event production company. We can supply experienced technical crew and event production services to festivals, outdoor events, venues, corporate events, arenas, and exhibitions in the music & entertainment industry.

The Music Consortium began as a supplier of technical production crew to Leeds Festival in 2011 and has since expanded to a company that is able to provide all types of event crew and services to meet the clients’ event & production needs. As professionals, we take pride in our expertise, hard work, dedication, and ability to deliver your project, no matter how large or small, on time, within budget, and safely. We work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver a superior customer experience to each client.

Crew Services

The Music Consortium (TMC) provides crewing services to assist its production teams’ clients with the setup and de-rig of events or to service its clients to deliver events ranging from small local venues to large arenas, stadiums and festivals.

Production Services

TMC is proud to deliver production & technical support services to the music & entertainment Industry worldwide, from The Folly festival to Electric Picnic.