TMC Production Round-Up 2022: Part 2

Indie 2022

So before we pick up where we left off let’s set the tone by wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2023. In Part 1 Haydn and I drove off into the sunset from the Folly to Dublin and back to Yorkshire.

I returned to Ireland for a change in role at the backend of July. MCD asked me to stage manage one of their longest running and successful festivals Indiependence 2022 down in Mitchelstown near Cork. I was looking forward to it as I hadn’t Stage Managed a festival since I did this event in 2019 and I was also looking forward to seeing Fatboy Slim after God knows how long. Turns out that Mr Cook was not the highlight of my weekend. It would seem that there was some significance to the time 7.45pm. On the Friday, at 7,45, I had the pleasure of putting Pa Sheehy on stage. For those shouting “Who”, Pa was the lead singer of a Walking on Cars and if that means nothing, you wanna be checking out your musical tastes people. Pa’s rendition of his new song “Roisin” was beyond magnificent, something, to Pa’s surprise, I told him when he came off stage. Lovely human being that Pa is, when I arrived home there was a copy of his debut Solo EP “The Act of Disappearing” sitting in my in-tray.

If you’re thinking that was my highlight of the weekend, you’d be very wrong as @ 7.45pm on the Saturday an act called “The Scratch” were due to perform. I had never heard of them. I started paying attention during their stage set up, which they pretty much did themselves, they also seemed to take great pleasure in winding up the crowd. Then the show started. I can tell you by the time they finished I was in no doubt that they were by far the best band I had had the pleasure of seeing all year. Their blend of Heavy Metal Speed Guitar and traditional Irish Music was a breath of fresh air and left the audience and I grinning like Cheshire cats by the time they left the stage. A-MAZE-ING.

I may have gotten carried away here, but I now don’t have time to (or space to) review EP 2022. I need to decide whether I’m going to do that or start on what’s happening in 2023 blog. Watch this space if you give a hoot.