TMC Crewing Round-Up 2022

As it’s drawing to the end of the year and a very busy one at The Music Consortium, Lauren, Katie and Callum have been reflecting on 2022 through a quick question and answer session;

1. What was your favourite event to work on this year, and why?

Katie: Wilderness – This is an event where the planning and prep really paid off as there was minor changes that were easily managed. everything ran as smooth as it could. The crewing team we supplied worked extremely hard and the Technical Production Team were brilliant to work under as per usual.

Callum: My favourite event to work on this year was Latitude. This was my first festival on the other side of the steel shield meaning it was both exciting and daunting for me but in the end, I had an amazing time and from there I definitely caught the bug.

2. What were some of the challenges you faced this year?

Callum: The main challenge I faced this year was joining a new industry in a new job role. This was challenging as it meant I had to quickly learn a lot of new skills with little direct experience in that area. However, this was made easier thanks to the great team at TMC who gave me lots of guidance, support and trust.
Another challenge I faced this year was the bugs at Latitude! My tent was like Tropical World.

Lauren: The biggest challenge this year was gaining large numbers of crew. We’re still seeing the impact of COVID; with many previous crew members either quickly progressing within the industry or stepping away from the industry for a more stable role. We’re seeing that festivals are going even bigger and better (and with the Summer season only being approximately 17 weeks, there’s a lot of events to cram in that time frame) meaning that the scale of crew needed nationwide is huge!

3. What is a focus for 2023?

Katie: My focuses for 2023 are to build more client relations and networking alongside pushing the recruitment in the new year ready for the new summer season.

Lauren: A personal focus for me is to gain more industry recognised H&S qualifications. Ultimately, that knowledge will assist me in creating more content for training our crew members making sure they have the experience and understanding of a safe working environment and putting their safety of themselves and those around them a priority.

4. What is something that happened this year, that will stick with you for the rest of your life?

Callum: One thing that will stick with me for the rest of my life will be the first time I walked out on Main Stage East on show day. Having been a punter at Leeds Fest myself many times, it was a surreal moment for me to be looking out at the crowd I used to be in, and it made me happy knowing I was contributing towards them having memories which they will have for a long time.

Lauren: Something that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember was to see KISS live. With them headlining Download 2022 I was hoping to see them. With the nature of this job – changes happen, and I need to be reactive, so I sprang into action the other side of the festival site. Some members of the crew knew how much I wanted to see KISS and when I arrived back to TMC’s temporary office (when the KISS load out was in full swing), a crew member approached me with a KISS ‘local crew’ t-shirt. Treat the crew right, and they’ll also look out for you!

5. What have you learnt this year that you will take in to account next year?

Katie: I have learnt that communication is key, whether that is between the office team, clients/venue or the crew, clear and frequent communication makes the difference. And that planning and preparation is everything. Without correct planning and preparation you compromise a smooth operation.

Lauren: I am very much a control freak and it’s rare that I ask for help. With the office team forever expanding around me, I need to loosen my reigns and not put so much pressure on myself to deliver but ask for assistance when I need it. Otherwise, the burnout is real come the end of the season!

6. If you were to use 3 words to describe 2022, what would they be?

Katie: Educational. Engaging. Entertaining.

Callum: Experience. Fun. Caffeine.