Record Store Day

I was recently asked ‘Spike, what do you think of ‘Record Store Day’?’. I’m sure they didn’t expect my overly honest verbal berating, but they did say ‘You should write a short blog on that’.

 In my opinion ‘Record Store Day’ has been ruined by the major’s. The initial idea was to get more people to visit Independent Record shops, which I 100% support, by having a few cool artists releasing their singles early or exclusively in the independent store. Nowadays you need a letter from the Pope to be able to get an account with one of the major distributors, they then restrict what you can buy, the volume you’re allowed to buy and want ten thousand pounds 3 months in advance to secure the stock. Now much as I’m a big fan of Jeff Lynne why do I want a reissue copy of the second “Idle Race” album, on “Multi splash” vinyl when A) It was originally released in the UK only in 1969 and B) It was shit then (Sorry Jeff). It’s not wine, it doesn’t get any better with age. Trust me, I still have the original.

I support anything that get heads through the doors of our independent Records shops (Note: Record Shop, we are not living in USA), but ‘Record Store Day’ is now a joke and I couldn’t give a flying fuck what they have on offer…