Crewing Winter Round-Up 2023

As we wrapped up winter and headed into spring, we discussed as a team how the winter season went and how we are preparing for the quickly approaching summer season.

Q. What was your favourite event to work this winter and why?

Dhiren – Paul Heaton-Bridlington Spa. With it being my first time in this venue and also the first major event after joining TMC as a full-time employee, I feel that the team delivered 110% to the client and also who doesn’t love t be by the seaside?

Callum – My favourite event to work this winter was Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot at Bridlington Spa as it was a very enjoyable job to work and I was able to tick off a new venue.

Katie – Lewis Capaldi-First Direct Arena. I always enjoy the challenge of a large arena job, the crew worked well as a team under the chief. This is another job where the extra steps in the planning and prep paid off on the day making it a smooth process feeding changes from the client to the chief and I to manage.

Q. What challenged you, and how did you overcome it?

Dhiren – Rebuilding The Music Consortium Website, this was my first task when joining TMC, working alongside Alison and the team at Fiddley Bits. We developed a cleaner and clearer website for our clients and potential new freelancers to use compared to the old website. Coding was a challenge, even though I come from a technical background I found it daunting at first but there’s nothing better when you spend hours writing code and it works.

Callum – One main challenge I experienced this winter was working on a new recruitment and marketing campaign. This was a new experience for me and was challenging at times, but with the collaborative effort of the team we overcame the difficulties that came with it and I believe it came out well!

Katie – I found the first careers fair Callum and I attended challenging; I had never attended one as an exhibitor before and found it overwhelming speaking to so many people about what we do. As a group we created a frequently asked questions sheet before arriving. Although we didn’t have much time to look at the Q & A sheet on the day it helped relax me into the role allowing me to overcome the nerves and be successful with the Lincoln recruitment.

Q. What is your focus going into spring?

Dhiren – Currently I’m working with the team on the planning for festival season 2023, with only a month away from festival season kicking off, it’s crunch time here in the office and we like to be prepared to deliver the job at 110% and more.

Callum – My focus going into spring is to work hard in preparation for the summer, implement the new skills we have learnt over the winter, and ensure that we have another great season here at TMC.

Katie – My focus is to keep pressure on our recruitment allowing us to keep growing our crew numbers alongside the prep for festival season. We are very busy in the office as planning for summer starts towards the end of Winter.

Q. What are you looking forward to this summer?

Dhiren – I cannot wait to return to Barn On The Farm Music Festival, this is my favourite festival that we do at TMC, with it being an independent festival it feels tighter knitted compared to the likes of Download and Leeds Festival. Also, can’t wait to see the Ostriches on my way to work each day.  

Callum – Sunshine, live music, travelling the UK and working with friends old and new. 

Katie – I’m looking forward to project leading my first large festivals, In previous years being a junior member of the team I have been the lead for our smaller festivals however this year I am getting to manage Latitude as my first biggie of the summer. It’s a lot more responsibility however I am looking forward to proving myself.

By Dhiren, Callum & Katie