About Us

About Us

Millions of people all around the world have a love and passion for music.

The Music Consortium have those same emotions coursing through its veins, which is why it is our belief that all forms of musical entertainment should be delivered in a manner that emphasises the quality of the product created by the artist. The Music Consortium do this with its team of hard-headed individuals who have gained their experience from decades of working at the top level of a very competitive industry.

We are The Music Consortium.
Events. Done properly.

Spike devised and created The Music Consortium as a event production company and supplier experienced crew to help expand his reputation for delivering high-end events to its’ clients effectively and efficiently. By pulling together a team of like-minded individuals The Music Consortium has very quickly developed into a brand that reflects our visionary approach in its delivery of event services to all sectors of the entertainment industry.

Spike Beecham – Managing Director 

The Music Consortium was devised and created by Spike, a Merseyside born production manager. Spike has an extensive music industry background and has 25 years working in the industry. Spike has covered a wide variety of roles including Promoters Rep, Stage Manager, Tour Manager, Production Manager, Promoter, Artist Manager and Theatre Producer to name but a few. When not working Spike is a fully signed up Vinyl Junkie and needs to take several sabbaticals a year to feed his addiction.

Greg Hargraves – Director of Technical Support Services

Greg is a talented Yorkshire man with a flair for stage design and construction, Greg works closely with our crew and rules them with a fist of iron. He has worked in the industry for over 12 years working in a variety of roles from stage management to set carpentry, crew chief to site management and show calls to brew making (Yorkshire Tea only) to ensure that the events happen as planned. He spends nearly all his spare time attending BMX events and likes crashing into things.

Chantel Beaven – Operations Coordinator

Hailing from the south, Chantel joined The Music Consortium back in April 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. Chantel has 9 years’ professional experience working in the live events industry with a plethora of experience in production coordination, stage management, project management and events management. She works closely together with the rest of the team to ensure The Music Consortium stays ahead of the game, implementing key systems and protocols and developing them to make everyone’s life a little easier. She deals with all areas of the business, from talking to clients, crew, and making sure everyone (including the crew) keep their toes on the line. Chantel is a huge fan of the independent comic scene and can be found in a comic store near you rifling through the latest offerings in smutty tales of debauchery.

Jack Clayton – Operations Coordinator

Jack is the second member of our team from Yorkshire and joined The Music Consortium in 2018. He is our resident schmoozer and will do anything (within reason) to ensure our clients are happy with their TMC experience. Delivering rock ‘n’ roll events is in his DNA with a deep-rooted passion for working in the entertainment industry. His background and experience is varied working as a stage manager, gig promoter, truck packer, stage builder and an innate ability to recruit the best crewing talent from where ever they show their heads. When he’s not in TMC schmoozing mode he’s a drummer in a rock band so we know his timing is on the money.

Sam Beecham – Finance Director & Administration

Sam has over 20 years’ experience in professional project management. Sam is a confident, self-motivated, hardworking individual who got sucked into her role after jumping right into the middle of the festival season five years ago. Accustomed to working in a pressured environment, Sam is committed to providing a quality service and has been a great addition to The Music Consortium family, helping to mould and challenge the team to work harder and strive towards reaching the high standards the Company sets for itself and its crew. Sam is an equine scientist and therefore loves all things horse related.

Ragz Nordset – Technical Production Assistant

Ragnhild ‘Ragz’ Nordset hails from the land of the Vikings. Her background combines over a decade of industry experience, which with working at a senior level in higher education, running a bachelor’s degree in music management. Ragz likes to travel and has put her extensive industry experience to good use from Norway to Australia and has been persuaded back on to UK soil as Spike’s Technical Production Assistant and right hand. Her many roles have included technical production, event management, crew management, and artist liaison. Ragz is also an active songwriter and has cut several underground electronic music tracks across Europe.

Artwork Credit: Carl Knapper – https://thewriteink.carbonmade.com/

Got an event you’d like to speak with us about, give us a call +44(0)113 887 0167

Got an event you’d like to speak with us about, give us a call +44(0)1977 659874