About Us

About Us

Millions of people all around the world have a love and passion for music.

The Music Consortium have those same emotions coursing through its veins, which is why The Music Consortium will continue to offer a wide variety of services to the music and entertainment industry. The services offered reflect the belief that all forms of musical entertainment should be delivered in a manner that emphasises the quality of the product created by the artist. The Music Consortium do this by utilising the latest available technologies alongside its team of hard-headed individuals who have gained their experience from decades of working at the top level of a very competitive industry.

We are The Music Consortium.
Events. Done properly.

Spike devised and created The Music Consortium as a production company and supplier of technical support services to help expand his reputation for delivering high-end production values to clients effectively and efficiently. By pulling together a team of like-minded individuals from its inception in January 2011, The Music Consortium has very quickly developed into a brand that reflects our visionary approach in its delivery of services to all sectors of the Entertainment industry. These like-minded individuals include Chantel Beaven, who has an extensive background in Operations & Logistics, Greg Hargreaves, with a flair for stage design and construction and the ability to run the crew with a fist of iron and Sam Beecham who takes care of crew welfare, administration and Spike’s moral compass. We’ve recently added some young blood to our management structure, Jack Clayton joined the team in early 2018, with a strong background in live events and practical experience in project & client management, he is here to ensure all projects are delivered to the highest professional standards – on and off-site!

Spike Beecham – Managing Director 

The Music Consortium was devised and created by Spike, a Merseyside born production manager. Spike has an extensive music industry background and has 25 years working in the industry. Spike has covered a wide variety of roles including Promoters Rep, Stage Manager, Tour Manager, Production Manager, Promoter, Artist Manager and Theatre Producer to name but a few.

Greg Hargraves – Logistics Director

Greg is a talented young Yorkshire man with a flair for stage design and construction with strengths in strategic planning and running our Technical Support personnel with a fist of iron. He has worked in the industry for 12 years, working in a variety of roles from project management to set carpentry, chief to site management, stage manager to show calls.

Chantel Beaven – Operations Coordinator

Hailing from London, Chantel joined The Music Consortium nearly 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Chantel helps to manage and facilitate all the documentation, systems and protocols. Chantel has 9 years’ professional experience working in the live events industry from production coordination, stage management, project management and events management.

Sam Beecham – Finance Director

Sam has over 20 years’ experience in professional project management. Sam is a confident, self-motivated, hardworking individual that has a lot to offer. Accustomed to working in a pressured environment, Sam is committed to providing a quality service and can meet targets because of her extensive experience. Sam has been a great addition to The Music Consortium family, helps to mould and challenge the team to work harder and strive towards reaching the high standards the Company sets for itself and its crew.

Got an event you’d like to speak with us about, give us a call +44(0)113 887 0167

Got an event you’d like to speak with us about, give us a call +44(0)1977 659874